Sicko,Chelsea,Sam,Shell, and Zebra
Andy,Amos,Daisy,Rodent, and Petey
Zia,and Cheyene
Magic,Rosie,Sienna,Whisper,And WM
Too numerous to mention

6 thoughts on “Animals

  1. Brenda, we’ll be following you…sometimes in reality ; ) I’m glad you’re doing this as you’re really good at it. And, I’ll be sharing the address w/some who follow you through your kids through us…getting convoluted. Only problem I have is the print size. I’ve made it as big as possible on our computer and it looked great on your iPad; anything else you know of? Love, Nana

  2. You are quite the gal!
    You have been my vet since 2001 and we admire you and your lifestyle, keeping it real.
    Good thoughts from Claire and Gene Garms

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