Working Girl

It is the first day of Christmas break, although it didn’t translate to extra time with my children.
The clinic was extremely slow except for an unusual run on pet pedicures (aka nail trims). I wonder if there is a record on pedicures completed in one day? The best part of the drab day was my mom arriving and helping me declutter my office. It was starting to look like an episode of hoarders. Now, thanks to my mom, my workplace is a veterinarian’s zen den!
Off to my second job at the emergency clinic. I have been working on learning to blog, so hang with me as I navigate the trenches of the blogger sphere. Today I even wrote some computer code! Yeah me. Oh I guess I should mention that I didn’t win the mega millions drawing yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Oh, I will be getting in here all the time without a doubt! Love it! Hoarders episode. Good thing your Mom is there. The snow is cool too — that’s what my Ipod Touch shows when it is snowing somewhere. You keep up the good work. Did I say I LOVE it?

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