Tax Cowboy

Today was the dreaded tax preparation day. I say today, but all told it is at least a two day process. Some of our biggest marital disputes over the years happen when we start preparing our taxes to take to the accountant. The basic problem is my husband’s lack of paperwork organization. His receipts seem to pile up on him throughout the year. This udder dislike of paperwork combined with a tendency to procrastinate is like fuel to the fire, since his favorite wife rarely procrastinates and loves order, in all aspects of life, especially paperwork.

I know there are many ranch wives that are kind enough to take care of their husbands endeavors. I know many of these great women, I just wonder if they have to deal with the piles of receipts that have no order what so ever! We have set up accordion folders, 3 ring binders, boxes and hanging folders. We have discovered no system that my husband finds enjoyable enough to use!Was that receipt for feed? What is this 78.47 to Gustin Hardware? Did you buy that dump truck this year? The fun is endless! Then, when you feel a great sense of accomplishment, he usually goes outside to his pickup and brings in another couple of handfuls of straggler receipts.

Just remember what doesn’t kill you makes you closer? When the mound of half crinkled paper is filed away, it feels like you just won a marathon. The receipts bring back floods of memories of what was happening on that particular day. And if we have saved enough receipts we may have enough money left after taxes to buy some more cattle tubs!

David says that I am the one with the problem, since I am insisting on getting our taxes done on Jan 10th! (Instead of April 14th?). I will admit that this year seemed less tense than years past. Notice how the pile is shrinking?


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