Circle of Beef

Today, I was called to euthanize a 16 year old cow named Flower, for a long time client. I love the relationships that develop with people over the years. Clients come and go for many reasons, they find someone who is cheaper, you told them their animal was overweight, or they move away, just to mention a few! However, when a relationship with a client continues over time, there is nothing more rewarding. This is how it was today, when my client called for help with her cow, she has been a client for 13 years. What wonderful care this animal had to live to 16. (This is extremely elderly for a cow).

Normal life is full of twists and turns. When I arrived home tonight, I saw our new bottle baby named “Squirt”. He is adorable. It is so rewarding to take care of God’s creatures.

On a side note, I will say that as a general rule, in my experience, people that have an agricultural background seem to be able to handle death better than others. This includes kids. I truly believe that their are things worse than death. Animal suffering is one. On a daily basis I get to eliminate animal suffering and stomp out disease and pestilence! I love my job.

2 thoughts on “Circle of Beef

  1. And, thank heaven for our veterinarian family members whom we can turn to when we see that our animals are in need of care we can’t provide just by loving them!

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