David’s Posse


All in all a wonderful day. David advised us last night that, we needed to move cattle today. So, we tried to race to be out of the house before the sun came up. Key word was . . . “tried”! David took the ranger to check out which pasture we were going to put them in. I saddled three horses, and rushed the girls through rodeo practice before we loaded up and headed out.

We found two pair, but the sight of all of us, was too much so they high tailed it through the trees. We were persistent and rounded up the rest. My husband even expressed that “this would have been incredibly hard to do by myself”.
Since I speak cowboy, that is translated to “you are great help, thank you so much!”

There was one moment when MJ’s horse jogged off, and she forgot she knew how to stop her, but she remembered quickly. I don’t know if kids, horses or my husband give me more grey hairs.

The afternoon brought a pleasant surprise when my friend Jill called to ask if Dallli could come for a sleepover. So we headed to town to meet Jill and her daughter Nora. Jill and I went on a walk around the track, (I was so sore from riding, I could hardly move) then Mj and I took the trash and stopped to get milk.

MJ and I baked brownies, took a bath, and did some manicures and pedicures. Lastly, a nice Fancy Nancy bedtime store and sweet dreams of tomorrow rodeo.


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