Summer Lament

dalli summerWell, can someone please tell me how we ended up back in school already? It seems like just yesterday that I had a ton of delusions about what our family was going to accomplish. We were going to cast our line for some trout, snuggle in a borrowed tent, and ravage some s’mores.

For the record, none of that happened. At this moment I am trying to conjure up a family memory that did transpire. Macklee went with grandma and grandpa to Colorado Springs to watch Uncle Wes rope. Dalli went with them to Chama to ride the rails. But as a family unit, I am sure summer eluded us. Remember as kids when you could get a “do-over”? I need a summer do-over!

Oh well, no crying over spilled summers, one must march on and vow to do better next year. We were able to take a plunge in one of the big stock tanks on the ranch once.
The week ended with an awesome birthday party at the Albuquerque Zoo, tigers, orangutans, and hippos oh my! It was so nice to see friends, even if it was for a short time. Then off to a family dinner at the Luna Mansion, where we obsessed the during the entire nice dinner, worrying about MJ’s Roy Rodgers drink that didn’t have a lid! DonT these people have children? A mothers advice, never pour more than you wish to clean up!

Now, I do my time (like the ladies in Orange is the New Black!) at the emergency clinic. Hoping tomorrow will come soon, so I can have some time with my girls before another week, or worse, an entire school year disappears . . .again!

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