Cupcake Redemption

Macgyver doesn’t have anything on most moms! When a ranch mom digs deep into her pantry the possibilities are endless! Anyone could have crafted these cupcakes if they gone for supplies. However, that is why I am so proud of them, because they were created out of only the supplies on hand. When did this become a cake blog?

The cupcake problem began when my mom, the grandma informed the preschool that Macklee was going to bring cupcakes to school for her birthday. What I might mention here is that my mom does not bake. Aren’t grandma’s suppose to bake? Good thing she has amazing other talents. (Sure shopping is a talent, almost a science if you go with my mom!)
Normally, this would not have been an issue, however on the heels of this weekends cake debacle (feel free to read previous blog!). the stakes were high, real high.

Did I mention it’s farm week at preschool? The amazing shopper went on a quest for small cupcake topping farm animals, you know the dollar store variety. Apparently, these are a hot item in Belen, NM, they were nowhere to be found. (Let me tell you if they were in Belen my mom would have found them!). Now what? Plain cupcakes? This is when inspiration struck. I never meant for this to turn in to a food blog, but was incredibly proud of making something out of nothing!
Today, Macklee is officially four and I get a birthday hiatus until January! Oh except for my moms birthday but she isn’t getting a cake this year for obvious reasons (read previous blog!). Happy Birthday Mom!

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