Pain in the Back

Friday morning I ran around the house in my usual chicken with head severed fashion. I finally made it out the door and was headed to the car, when I noticed that I must have accidentally, dropped a shirt on the ground the night before. As, I hastily knabbed the shirt there was an instant excruciating pain in my lower back.

The pain was so great, it caused an bout of nausea. It took what seemed like forever, to make my way to the car. David brought me Advil and sent me on my way. I was fine on the commute until I tried to exit the vehicle at my place of employment. One hour and 10 minutes later I was able to exit the car.

The rest of the day was a blurr. Every day since has brought improvement. The silver lining is I haven’t had to wipe a 4 year old rear end in several days!
The back issue might be sympathy pain or genetics, as my dad has been suffering for a week with back issues as well. He has been in awful pain.

Finding a surgeon in a timely manner to correct the impingement on his spinal cord, has been an incredibly difficult undertaking. Hopefully, he will get some relief with the spinal surgery tomorrow.

Always surprised how quickly life can change. Remember to live each day to its fullest, stop and smell the cacti and be thankful if you have a nice strong healthy back. And above all else, bend your knees!


2 thoughts on “Pain in the Back

  1. This is really good Brenda!! No one could have said it better!! Wish you could be with us but will keep you informed as how everything comes out!!

  2. Oh no — been there. I have an ice belt — really does the job. There’s a gel pack that goes in the freezer and a soft belt with a pocket in the back. You can actually walk around and do housework while it’s doing it’s job. Sorry, hope it’s better.

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