Labor Day

A little late to type this one up, but better late than never! The girls have been competing in several rodeos throughout the summer and now, as we move into fall, they are competing in NM high school and junior high rodeos. This really translates into us NEVER being home. It is nice to rodeo, we have many friends that we adore and get to see many places of the Land of Enchantment that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. On rodeo weekends, we are usually hot and tired, but we are also all together as a family, this is different than when we are home, we tend to veer in different directions.

Anyway, the down side to not being home, is the definite neglect of our casa and a “to-do” list that is over three yellow legal pad pages long! If you know me at all, you know how I love my lists! I drive David crazy by putting things like shower on the list. I enjoy accomplishing tasks, even little ones. Then of course, if your list gets a bunch of things crossed off and is looking messy you have to rewrite it!

So we arrived at the three day weekend, and the laboring began! Of course we rode our horses everyday, and worked with Katy and Vegas (the youngsters)! Dalli and I loaded wood racks while Macklee cleaned the chicken coop. This maybe the first time in 20 years that we got wood ready for the winter prior to an actual blizzard. I advised David not to move mine too quickly, apparently stacking wood isn’t one of my strengths! We also cleaned out the horse trailer. We picked up the yard and packed for the next rodeo. I attempted to find my desk (that is the horizontal surface in our house where EVERYTHING gets placed!)

Sunday the laboring continued, as I balanced the ranch checkbooks and filed papers, still trying to find the wood on the top of my desk. Then I helped David with his CSP grazing plan. He is the one with the Ag degree, but I believe that my input and typing skills were quit valuable. Then of course all of the regular stuff, like laundry, toilets, and the microwave. Oh I almost forgot, changed the sheets and washed the rugs! I thought about adding dusting to the list, but what really is the point of dusting?

Once the work was close to done, the girls and I sat down to play one of our favorite card games, Canadian Salad! We had played a few hands, when David called needing some help. He was on the back side of the ranch and needed some drivers to move heavy equipment. So off we went to High Point storage to assist him! (Which is a separate blog see Bulldozing Mama)

Just a little glimpse into my dream life. (I know ya’ll thought it was all puppies, kittens and rainbows 24/7) I do realize that the list will never end. Life’s ‘to-do’s” are endless. We try hard to embrace every moment, whether on the road or home doing the tasks on life’s list. However, sometimes there is no substitute for the feeling of crossing stuff off your list! (I need to take a picture of my next laboring list!)

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