Christmas Drama


The Cain Christmas . . . . . . .

Some of this may NOT be appropriate for young people who still believe in Santa. So, if you are reading my blog out loud to your kids every night, I would suggest skipping this post.

‘Twas truly the night before Christmas when our favorite UPS driver delivered the tiniest package, the one that I had been waiting ever so patiently for. It was suppose to be the “glitzi globes” that Dalli had asked Santa for. Her letter was very specific.

She wrote, ” Dear Santa, if you would be so kind as to bring me glitzi globes, walking with the dinosaurs, and a makeup set, I would appreciate it please.”

I have to say that I didn’t have a clue what glitzi globes were, when I read the letter. I did, however, know that Santa was not going to bring her makeup to smear on her face, and dinosaurs are yucky. Why does my daughter like dinosaurs? Why not barbie dolls? Anyway, once again, I digress. I went to Amazon and ordered the globes and now I was holding the package, just one problem, this was an extremely small package. It was a micro glitzi globe, a refill for the real glitzi globe, argh. Ok remain calm. I should mention my other daughter asked Santa for a ball that she can use to play fetch with her little doggie.

We were headed to Albuquerque to eat our traditional Christmas Eve meal of fondue. Did I mention we have traditions? David and I realized shortly after Dalli was born that we had no traditions, so we had to invent some. Fondue was all we could come up with, that is fancy for us country folk. So, we will just make a pit stop at Toys R Us. This might become a new tradition, as we let the girls pick out one toy that would be their Christmas gift from their Papa. This was amazingly fun. After much thought, Dalli picked a scooter with helmet (extremely important if you know the genetics of this kid), and Macklee adopted another baby doll (with no sharpie aka makeup all over its face).

After gathering the loot, they went and sat in the car so Santa’s helper could purchase the glitzi globes, batteries, and a last minute stocking stuffer or two. My brother called on our way home, he was trying to assemble the go cart that was his Santa gift. The problem was he had a fever and was sick all week. Nothing goes together easily when you are running a fever. He wondered if a go cart really needed brakes? I laughed at his plight, not knowing my own Santa dilemma was about to begin.

The rest of the night was amazing, until we got back to the ranch. Dalli poured 2% milk, and stacked cactus shaped sugar cookies for Santa. The kids went to bed, and the “behind the scenes” preparations began. I truly hate this part, always feeling that I am one move away from getting “caught”. Shortly, after the kids went to bed the problems became apparent. The glitzi globes were no where to be found. I must have checked the suburban 15 times, willing them to be there, if I just looked once more. Nope, I had left them at Toys R Us. (I found this out the day after Christmas, when I called Toys R Us, and they said, oh yes the ones that were left on aisle 4!) Are you kidding me? What do I do now? So much for our calm evening.

My husband already thinks I am pre-menopausal and loosing my mind, this was not helping my case. At this point, stressed cannot even began to describe my emotional state. Friend Lori, had given me a birthday present for Dalli, I thought about raiding it. Suddenly, I remembered another birthday gift, that I had stashed in a closet. I nestled it with the tiny glitzi globe refill and went to bed.

As I was trying to go to sleep, I remembered that I had forgotten to bring home David’s gift from the clinic. I don’t think Christmas is suppose to be this stressful. I think us women try so hard to make Christmas special, that we wear ourselves out. We forget the reason for the season, in the mist of trying to make everything perfect. I talked myself off of the cliff by remembering all of the blessings that are part of my everyday life, and that one day I would be able to blog about this and make people laugh?


Gymnastics Tough Love

We have arrived at Friday!  It seemed like we were working in quick sand today.  We have had staff out all week, and by the time you get to the end of the week, you are tuckered plum out.

After work, David the girls and our neighbor Mote came to the clinic to pick me up.  We sped through the McDonalds like a retired Nascar driver, so we will all have some “nutrition” in us as we watch Dalli’s gymnastics recital.  The recital was great, long, but great.  Most of those kids are blessed with amazing talent.  There were backflips and forward flips, and springs being sprung every which way.

Dalli is almost eight and will make an incredible lawyer, she will argue just to persuade you to some viewpoint that may or may not be her own belief.  This can be trying to us parental types at times.  After gymnastics last week, I recommended that she ask her teacher for some help with her cartwheels.  Currently, the cartwheels resemble more a sideways game of leap frog.  I should take a moment to say that she has inherited all of her lack of athletic ability from her mother.  Did I mention how great she plays the violin?

So back to the cartwheels, her argument was that her cartwheels were perfect.  This argument waged on, with me gently trying to get her to ask her teacher for a little more guidance or maybe some cartwheel homework?  Nope, her cartwheels are perfect.  I had to break out the tough love,  oh yes I did.  It went something like this ( I did mention the continued argument, and how frustrating that gets, right?). “Dalli, that is the worst cartwheel, I have ever seen in my whole entire life”. Can you say super mom?  That’s what my friends call me.  I guess it’s best that everyone who might be reading this knows right away, I am not a yuppie, new age, everyone wins parent!  No character building that way!

Anyway, the program was long but great.  Funny, my mom said the recitals were like molasses, long ago when she had to watch me!    Dalli had a great time performing her leap frogs for the crowd.  We made it back to the ranch at 10:15pm, another late night.

Boy the NM moon has sure been eerily beautiful, big and orange and bewitched with clouds.

Working Girl

It is the first day of Christmas break, although it didn’t translate to extra time with my children.
The clinic was extremely slow except for an unusual run on pet pedicures (aka nail trims). I wonder if there is a record on pedicures completed in one day? The best part of the drab day was my mom arriving and helping me declutter my office. It was starting to look like an episode of hoarders. Now, thanks to my mom, my workplace is a veterinarian’s zen den!
Off to my second job at the emergency clinic. I have been working on learning to blog, so hang with me as I navigate the trenches of the blogger sphere. Today I even wrote some computer code! Yeah me. Oh I guess I should mention that I didn’t win the mega millions drawing yesterday.