A Piece of Cake

Let me begin with the admission that as a mom, birthday parties have never really been my thing. I usually try to scrape something together to acknowledge the day i.e.cake. I tell myself that I make everyday special so there is really no need for a large production. Then, about every four years, I go all out and do too much birthday! This was not an all out year. One other teeny weensy fact before you examine the pictures, is I did attend three courses in cake decorating. I have certificates, or at least I did until the Wilton Cake Decorating people read this blog.
Before . . . .

This is the unicorn cake that I ordered for MJ’s 4th birthday! I would just like to take a moment to honk my own horn here. This alone in the past would have brought the waterworks from my poor eyes. However, I really took this in stride. I faced it head on, with an I can do attitude.
How hard could it be to replace a unicorn cake head. I began baking. I then cut out the cake into many pieces and stacked them ever so carefully. It was amazing, it really was resembling a horse head. This is where I started patting myself on the back a little early. It was when I attempted to frost the warm cake that it all went wrong. . . .

The funny thing is the birthday girl could care less. All the fears I have of ruining her childhood will have to wait. I guess there will be no therapy sessions for the unicorn cake that my mom didn’t master. No support group in high school, for girls that never had pretty cakes!
So the moral of the story is twofold. The first lesson is true stories are always the funniest, and the imperfections of life create the best memories.
The day was wonderful for my princess.

Respectfully submitted by the Queen (mom of a princess!)of cakes!