Senior Whirlwind (Part 1)

The first half of May has been a blur. It began with a trip to Oklahoma City on May 1st to judge land at the National FFA conference. When she got home she had to prepare a speech as the FFA chapter’s outgoing President. Monday the 8th was the FFA Banquet and the speech, Tuesday was the National Honor Society banquet, and Wednesday we had the Bacclaurette. (I was about to run out of nice clothes to wear) Thursday we scrambled to get everything loaded and then headed to Farmington, NM for her last regular season High School Rodeo. We had a great time in Farmington even finding time to watch the horse races! The alarm sounded at 3 a.m. today and Dalli and I groggily headed to Albuquerque so she could catch a plane to begin her senior trip. (a cruise to Cozumel). David, Macklee, and I will rest up this week while she is living her best life, knowing when she returns the rest of the month will be a whirlwind!

It is so bittersweet to see all of these seniors that are about to make their way out into the big wide world. The emotions are real and can catch you off guard many times without warning. Dalli has always been such an independent soul with a love of learning so it is difficult to be too sad as she prepares for her next chapter. It reminds me of the first day of kindergarten when all the other kids were clinging to their moms and she was rushing into the building ready for whatever adventure awaited. Don’t miss understand the tears are still coming (at stupid random times) but her excitement helps a little.

I think the hardest part is reflecting on how you did as a parent. What did I forget to teach her? Did we have her in too many things? I do believe the answer to this is yes, we for sure forgot some lessons, and yes too many activities! Although, I still do not know what we would have cut out. Dalli always kept busy going to or practicing something associated with FFA, 4-H, Shotgun, Rifle, Showing goats, her fiddle, Barrels, poles, or breakaway. (what did I forget?)

Many will sit in judgment on how we have raised our girls, but if they know our children, I don’t believe that we screwed them up too badly with all their activities. Dalli’s passion for all of her activities was contagious and often exhausting! I think the only activity that she ever relinquished was goat tying! David and I marvel at the number of people that she knows across this state and all the amazing experiences that these activities have afforded her. Stay tuned, the Senior Whirlwind Part 2, also known as the second half of May will be happening soon. I will keep reminding myself to be in the moment and try not to stress over the little stuff.

“All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” Mark Twain