Lazy Sabbeth

We didn’t do much today, yeah. I was able to delve into and sort some old pictures. This is something that I have needed to do for some time. I am under some delusion that one day I am going to scrapbook all of those pictures. Usually, however, what happens is I make sure everything is organized prior to starting the project. The effort I put into organizing the project supplies is unmatched. After the project is nestled in the containers, that seems to be where it stays! I guess I like the thought of creating something, more than the actual creation and mess associated with the creative process.

Macklee decided a nap would be easier than picking her toys up, or was it picking the toys up that wore her out?


Then the end of the day brought manicures and pedicures for the Cain girls, a recorded episode of “Rawhide” and my all time favorite . . .”Alaska The Last Frontier”. I am ready to move to Alaska and live off the land, David, not so much!

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