My Sister-in-Law is Insane

Not that there is anything wrong with insane people! Really, if you think someone is normal, you probably don’t know them well enough! Just for the record, I do have six sister-in-laws, so this should provide her a tiny bit of anonymity. I do love her very much, and after today my admiration for her is endless. I have always had great respect for her simply because she is able to put up with my brother! (Oops so much for anonymity!).

Well today, after completing the first workout of “Insanity” month two, I am amazed that anyone could stick it out for a 60 minute intense workout like this. Twenty-nine more days, there is no way I will survive this. I am missing My Curves workout immensely. If my brother would complete this program like his wife (my hero) has, there wouldn’t be a calf alive he couldn’t flank! You definitely will not find a video of me working out attached, no one wants to see that.

On another note, my mom bought me a delectable pizza from Peace of Pie in Belen, it was amazing, those girls rock. I was upset that I ate so much, but after that workout, I am sure that I have none of those calories left! My husband even made brownies tonight. Who knew he could bake, 13.5 years and he still amazes me everyday! Unfortunately, I am way too tired from my workout, I don’t even have the energy to chew one! By the looks of the pan, they must be great!



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