Nashville was a very happening town. Hopefully, that degree of economic recover will be coming to New Mexico soon. Even the line to buy boots was too long to stand in, yes, sadly, I had to abandon them in Tennessee. We took Tommy’s Tour of the city which was great. It was neat to see where Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, and Martina McBride reside. Below is either Taylor or Dolly’s house, I lost track!

20140322-173700.jpgWe saw the famous Music Row, The Ryman Auditorium, and The Country Music Hall of Fame. Reba’s exhibit and the size of the archives blew me away.

20140322-173237.jpgDon’t forget about my name sake!


20140322-173743.jpg The pleasure of listening to John Paul Mitchell at the AAHA conference, was another highlight.

20140322-173624.jpg As you might be able to tell he wasn’t able to get to my hair!

One night we made it to the famous Tootsie’s Bar. It is amazing how many stages and artists are in this town. All day and night everyday, there was someone with a guitar or a fiddle on a make shift stage strumming away. It also makes me happy that I am no longer frequenting bars on a regular basis.


George Strait was starting his tour last night, and I took a picture of his 3 buses.

20140322-173529.jpgLet us not forget about the delectable GooGoo Cluster. Something, that I had never heard of. The southerns have all kinds of good stuff: sweet tea, googoo clusters, Scarlet O’hara, tulip trees, and those neat accents!

20140322-173303.jpgConsidering how the week started, the ending was amazing. Tennessee is a gem.

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