Finding Gratitude


What a day! I have spent the day in the city of Nashville, although at this point, I must confess, due to the meetings I have been in, I haven’t seen much of this Honky Tonkin city. Maybe tomorrow! I am attending the American Animal Hospital Association Conference. I arrived a few days early to take part in a business group. (that I thought I was a probationary member of.). Tonight it was made clear by a secret vote that I would not be invited back! Ouch!

It was like a bad episode of Survivor, only I was fully clothed, in a nice hotel, and not incredibly hungry!

Keep reading I am sure there will be some positive in this post at some point in the near future. Just the fact that it inspired a new, much anticipated blog post has to be good, right?

After digesting the information that I was not considered an asset to the group, I called my girl friend Jody and my husband. Their responses, after listening to me wail, were remarkable similar! It was a cross between nervous and uncontrollable laughter! They were quick to point out my lack of failures up to this point in life. Essentially, pointing out the fact that I was in uncharted waters! Then they reminded me that everything happens for a reason. All of this, of course, made me love them both even more! My husband is especially good at taking things in stride, and helping me to try and do so. (And for that and so many other reason, I love him so much)

Which brings me to my point, will this matter in 20 years? I firmly believe it is the little stresses in life that kill us. Maybe we all should be asking ourselves that question more often. Tonight has been rough, but I have taken a stand to remain positive and count all the blessings in my life. We must remember that when God slams a door closed, he opens a window, and if you choose to stare at the door too long you could be missing the beautiful things that await outside that open window! I embrace whatever is next! Lucky for you people grudges are not my strong point!

I am beyond blessed, and will continue to strive daily to be thankful for all the large and tiny blessings in my life!



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