Heifer Hodgepodge

The week has been a blurr, like a dust storm where you can’t see two feet in front of you, and have no idea if you are still on the right road, or any road for that matter. It started last Friday night, David and the girls picked me up in Belen so we could head to a high school graduation in Quemado, NM.

However, before we fled Belen, David noticed the rear end of my suburban was smelling bad, mom saved the day and volunteered her vehicle. The graduation was great, and we left at 9 pm for the three hour journey home. We were originally going to camp out, but had to start our heifer synchronization on Saturday. My friend Lori and her son, needed a lift back to Mountainair. (This would have been fine if we had the suburban, but moms car holds, 5 and if you are following my ramblings closely you will get a tally of six!).

The commute was going well until we saw the flashing lights. Oh yes it was us the state patrol was after. He approached the car after shining the flash light into the back seat, (where the three kids and I were buckled improperly) he asked politely to see David’s license.

“Well you see officer, I don’t have my license”.

The officer asked him to step out of the car, he was able to get his information and pull him up, then he asked about the car.

“Well you see officer we broke down in Belen, and this is my mother in laws car . . . “.

At that point, the officer said you are awfully tight in there, go on your way but slow down. I think it was going to be too much paperwork for him.

Saturday we gathered heifers and implanted them to start the synchronization process. A long day. Sunday we saddled up to drive the heifers to the house. It was another long day horseback. But somehow, we even found time to haul a few loads of dirt for a much needed cattle guard. The girls and I ran the dump truck while David loaded us. Some of the haul roads that lead to the pit were a tad scary like ice road truckers without the ice!

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, a couple of trips to the mechanic to fix the suburban, last day of third grade, violin and gymnastics. Then, last night I worked at Pet Er. This morning, I stopped at Home Depot to get some garden plants, in hopes that a garden can be planted at some point before another weekend escapes. Arrived home in time to run to Capitan to pick up frozen semen to inseminate heifers Monday. Girls are currently asking questions about what semen is. Hey family how about we check out the Smokey the Bear museum.

Did you know Smokey the bear is buried in Capitan NM. He was found as an orphaned cub there, and lived to be 25 years old. ( he spent most if his life in the National Zoo, in Washington, DC). Finally off to Ruidoso for dinner at the Cattle Baron, a little grocery shopping and home finally. Remember only you can prevent forest fires!

4 thoughts on “Heifer Hodgepodge

  1. We had a blast coming back from Quemado!! Elk, deer, foxes, police officer and all! Smokey the bear trivia for you…the vet who took care of smokey the bear after the big fire was my moms best friend from Santa Fe. So glad we are all done with heifers…10 days of craziness:)

  2. Oh sister- just address it head on! That’s why they are ranch kids–they know all that stuff before they get to school 😉 Just say, Well, Dad and I are taking the place of the bulls–you know how it takes a cow and a bull to make a calf? Yes? Well, then someone somewhere got this semen out of the bull, froze it, sent it to us, and we are ‘the bull.’ Later you can address the “How did they get it out of the bull?” question! Haha–glad you got out of that big ticket the other day–wow! Mom said there would be days like this! Hang in there, cowgirl! BTW Wes is my new tagger–he tagged ALL of the calves for us–both electronic and flat. He’s the bomb.

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