Historical Super Bowl

The year was 1987. It was a balmy San Diego day. The excitement was electric. After I jumped out of the shower, I put some gel in my freshly permed hair and headed straight for the computer. There was a lot to accomplish before my ride came to take me to Jack Murphy Stadium. ( the stadium some currently call Qualcomm). Boy this post is full of history.

The computer was a Commodore 64 and I had print shop. I was able to put this technology to work and start printing some banners on my dot matrix printer. I am not sure what took longer printing the banners, or folding and detaching the holy perforated edges!


My ride arrived, and my girlfriend, her dad, and I drove to the stadium. It was the Saturday before the Super Bowl and the festivities were amazing! It was great to envision Elway playing there the next day. It didn’t however turn out that great as Phil Simms and the Giants ruined my day! The score was 39-20, however I think it was actually worse than the score reflected.


I am in Colorado today, and the support and spirit is incredible. There is orange and blue everywhere!


I cannot wait for Sunday!

One thought on “Historical Super Bowl

  1. Were you blogging while you were in class supposedly learning??? Weren’t the 80’s great hair days!! Sunday is going to be “Super Bronco Sunday”.

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