Don’t cry over spilled paper

DSC_0181DSC_0212Ok, I am trying to blog again after the Super Bowl sent me into a little depression and left me with severe writers block! I guess this is what happens when states legalize marijuana. My Denver Broncos played like pot smoking teenagers, oh well maybe next year. The best part of the game was the company of some good friends!

This week, I found a shredded paper disaster in my oldest daughters room.

“What is this, what happened here, where did this mess come from?” I asked while bitting the inside of my lip, as to not yell at our dear child.
“From the paper shredder.” was the reply.
“It’s my finely crafted nest.” she answered indignantly.
I should have taken a before picture of the “finely” crafted thing, but this is what it looked like about 30 minutes into the hour long clean up!

One thought on “Don’t cry over spilled paper

  1. I’ve seen those nests before…usually in my house and made of feathers, from their feather boa. Also, outside…finely constructed from grass, leaves, twigs and any other plant matter available w/water balloons tucked inside as the “eggs”. Nana

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